All you need to know about contact lenses

At iWear we're constantly looking out for the best in eyewear technologies to offer our customers the most advance range of contact lenses that can satisfy all their vision needs. Our exclusive selection is made to offer the best quality at an affordable price.

Benefits of wearing contact lenses full-time, or alternating them with glasses

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Types of contact lenses: dailies or reusables. The advantages and disadvantages






Discover the most innovative materials


Silicon Hydrogel



Design: contact lenses made for all vision needs


FarORnear design for spherical contact lenses

FarORnear contact lenses have the same power in all meridians, so it doesn't matter if they rotate on your eye when you blink. They correct short or long sightedness. You can be free to play sports with no worries about breaking or scratching your glasses.


Toric design for astigmatism

With Toric lenses you can correct your astigmatism successfully and be free from your glasses. With this special design the lens is able to rotate to the right orientation of the cornea giving you the perfect vision.


Multifocal design for presbyopia

This allows for sharper and comfortable vision from near to far. With Multifocal you can get the perfect vision at all distances. It's the best solution for your presbyopia without changing your look with glasses.


iWear Technologies




BreathTeck is a natural moisture layer inside the lens that makes it more breathable. With this technology your contact will attract water and at the same time give you a better oxygen transmission, for healthier and whiter eyes.




If you're looking for all day comfort lenses, HydroTeck is made for you. This premium technology creates a shield of water around your lens that keeps your eyes constantly hydrated giving you a fresh and natural sensation for long lasting comfort.


UV Protection

UV protection ensures clear vision against any unwelcome invasion of UV light into the eye.



SofTeck's smoother edges allow you to insert the lenses faster and easier. Thanks to these edges, you'll forget you're even wearing contacts.



Thanks to VisionPro technology, your vision aberrations will be highly reduced, and you will have a crisp and clear vision with a real peripheral view. Vision Pro helps to increase your performance level at sports and it will allow you to enjoy special occasions even more. Highly recommended for customers with presbyopia.



DigitPro is a special innovative design that helps you to focus close-up on digital devices with a crisp and clear vision, and also helps reduce the feeling of eye sensitiveness at the end of the day due to the excessive devise usage.