Dry eyes

You'll know you have dry eyes when your eyes feel itchy or gritty and turn red. Blurry vision and light sensitivity might mean that you simply have a lack of adequate tears.

Your tears naturally help make the surface of your eyes smooth and clear, and it helps protect your eyes from any external agent. You only need to re-establish the level of tears with extra hydration.

We've designed a special range of lenses and eye drops to help reduce dry eyes during the day and night.

I want:

  • My eyes to be free from itching and blurry vision 
  • To reduce my eyes dryness
  • To keep my eyes healthy and hydrated
  • To stop dry eyes at work.
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iWear Fresh - daylens

Available for presbyopia

iWear Hydro - reusable

Available for astigmatism

Available for presbyopia

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