Sensitive eyes


Having sensitive eyes simply means that your eyes become bloodshot, teary or uncomfortable under certain circumstances. Dry eyes are caused by digital devices, cosmetics, windy conditions or allergies. People with sensitive eyes might experience discomfort FROM wearing contact lenses.

Is this because they can't wear lenses? Nope, not at all. They just need extra care for their eyes, and we have a range of products designed with the last innovative technologies that gives extra breathability and extra hydration to reduce eye irritation.

I want:

  • To improve my eyes sensitiveness
  • To Keep my eyes naturally hydrated 
  • To stop having red eyes at the end of the day
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iWear Harmony - daylens

Available for astigmatism

iWear Oxygen - reusable

Available for astigmatism

Available for presbyopia

iWear Oxygen Relax - reusable

Available for astigmatism

Available for presbyopia

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