Active & Dynamic

These are the perfect contact lenses for long and active days.  Physical activities, both indoor and outdoor, can put extra stress on our eyes. For people that want flexibility within their active lifestyle, and for those that want something practical for all day, every day, we have the right range of products that fit your needs.

If you spend your time both indoors and outdoors either doing sports, running errands, driving or working outdoors, you need a contact lens that gives your eyes a little rest.

I want:

  • My lenses to last on long days
  • Lenses that suit both outdoor and indoor activities
  • To not have eye fatigue at the end of the day
  • To Keep my eyes well hydrated
  • Lenses that adjust to my schedule while I'm travelling, without missing vision quality.
  • To enjoy my sporty lifestyle without worrying about my lenses
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these lenses fit you best

iWear Activ - daylens

Available for astigmatism

Available for presbyopia

iWear Vivid - daylens

iWear Balance Plus - reusable

Available for astigmatism

iWear Delicate - reusable

Available for astigmatism

Available for presbyopia

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