How to live better with your contacts: our lifestyle tips

Your contact lenses are a part of your life so they need to suit your lifestyle. Here are some great tips for making life easier with contacts!

General good habits:


Beauty tips: How to avoid makeup mistakes with lenses

1. Always insert your lenses first before you apply your makeup.

2. Hypoallergenic makeup removers are the best choice when wearing contacts as they prevent possible irritations to your eyes.

3. We have contact lenses that are very easy to insert, thanks to their SofTeck technology. They're great for people who have to rush in the mornings!

4. If you have an appointment with your hairstylist, remember to remove your contacts before you go. The hairdryer and products like hairspray can damage your contacts.

5. If your eyes are infected, avoid wearing your lenses for few days and wear your glasses until your eyes are healthy again.


Digital tips: How to increase your performance at work with contacts

1. Computer screens increase eye dryness, as they make you blink less. So don't forget to blink while you work!

2. Keep a bottle of rewetting drops in your desk at work. Use the drops whenever your eyes feel dry.

3. If you suffer from dry eyes frequently, we suggest you buy contact lenses with Hydroteck technology, it helps to keep your eyes hydrated whenever you blink. Our DigitPro technology is especially design for digital device users.

4. Every hour you should take a short break from the screen, it keeps your eyes healthier and less fatigued at the end of the day.

5. Be sure that your seat is settled correctly. Sitting too close to the screen can strain your eyes.

6. If you work at night be sure that you have proper lighting. The light from the screen in the dark can cause eye fatigue, discomfort and sleep problems.

7. Laptops are full of dust and bacteria. Before you handle your contacts be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.


Travelling tips: How to travel comfortably with your contacts

1. If you wear reusables, buy our travel size solution. It’s convenient and fits easily into your travel bag.

2. If you are traveling by plane, make sure you have your contact solutions in your carry on bag in case your eyes get dry, or in case your luggage gets lost.

3. Buy contacts with UV protection, that way if you loose your sunglasses, your eyes are still protected from the UV rays.

4. Always have your contact lens case with you. Never leave it in a hotel as it may get contaminated.

5. Be smart and always take an extra pair of lenses with you in case something happens to your lenses while you travel.