How to take care of your contact lenses and of you!

If you use reusable lenses, taking care of them is very important. If you do it properly you'll never have troubles with your contact lenses.

How to clean your reusable contacts in 4 easy steps


  1. Disinfect your case: Fill each part of your lens case with your disinfecting solution.

  2. Wash: Place one lens in the clean, dry palm of your hand and apply a few drops of your favourite solution. Clean the lens between your 2 fingers, softly rubbing both sides.

  3. Rinse: Rinse with more solution and gently put the lens into your clean case.

  4. Repeat: Do the same for the other lens, then you can close your case and leave your lenses to soak.

Don't forget to clean your contact lens case

  1. Empty the case: Poor out the old solution. Never reuse your solution.
  2. Rinse well: Rinse the case with a little more solution. Never rinse it out with water from the tap.
  3. Air-dry: Let the contact lens case air-dry
  4. Replace: Replace your case every 3 months

Aftercare: Maintaining the comfort all day, every day

  1. Have regular check-ups: We advise all our customers to have regular check-ups to ensure healthy eyes and maintain an up-to-date prescription. You can book an appointment in any of our stores now!
  2. Keep your contact lenses clean: Once you've selected your contact lenses we advise you to follow our cleaning tips, however if your contacts require more specific cleaning, please visit one of our stores and ask your optician for advice on the correct cleaning regime for your specific lens.
  3. Please ensure that you: Keep your lens case clean with contact lens disinfecting solution - never use tap water! Replace your lens case on a regular basis.