iWear Fit


Great value is in sight.

Enjoy an easy fitting lens with these iWear fit lenses. The perfect balance of convenience and value.

An easy fitting lens with the convenience to dispose daily.

This lens is the choice for anyone looking for a good level of comfort at a great price.

FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY: wear contact lenses and you’ll be amazed at by the freedom & flexibility they add to your life & lifestyle. All of our contact lenses can give you freedom of clear & all-round vision in all your activities. In addition, you’ll also enjoy good eye health and comfort. Follow the instructions and advice from our experts and enjoy a comfortable wearing experience that fits your lifestyle and daily routines.


Available for astigmatism
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Why people choose iWear Fit daily lenses:

  • Hygienic and convenient.
  • Good level of comfort, breathability and hydration.
  • Great value for money.
  • Perfect for every day or occasional wear.

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