iWear Hydro


Eye time for new lenses.

It’s time to get the most out of your iWear hydro reusable lenses. Enjoy long lasting performance and comfort as they hydrate your eyes naturally.

iWear Hydro contact lenses are specially suggested for occasional contact lens wearers looking for a great fit and good hydration.

BETTER HYDRATION: We all need moisture in our eyes. Our bodies naturally create tears to keep our eyes hydrated and avoid becoming dry and irritated. Since contact lenses touch the eye, they affect our eyes’ hydration. Contact lenses with better hydration are made from special materials and technology that help maintain comfort throughout the day.

FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY: wear contact lenses and you’ll be amazed at by the freedom & flexibility they add to your life & lifestyle. All of our contact lenses can give you freedom of clear & all-round vision in all your activities. In addition, you’ll also enjoy good eye health and comfort. Follow the instructions and advice from our experts and enjoy a comfortable wearing experience that fits your lifestyle and daily routines.


Available for astigmatism Available for presbyopia
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Why people choose iWear Hydro reusable lenses:

  • Long lasting extra comfort for days,  maximum of 12 pairs for a whole year.
  • Hydration
  • Crisp vision throughout the day
  • Excellent fit
  • Better and clear vision in the evening

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