iWear Oxygen


Seeing is believing.

Enjoy your days without having to worry about your eyes — you can wear these iWear oxygen lenses up to 29 nights in a row.

You won’t believe how comfortable these iWear oxygen lenses are. Soft and breathable, and long lasting.

This highly comfortable lens is especially designed for those who need to work late hours in office environments and is like candy for your eyes.


SUPERIOR ALL-DAY COMFORT: Our eyes, just like our bodies, need to rest when they get tired. In this digital age, we look at screens, such as smartphones, tablet, desktop, intensively during long days and in challenging environments. Contact lenses with superior all-day comfort are developed with innovative materials & technology that help your eyes perform better and remain comfortable for longer.

MORE BREATHABLE: your eyes need oxygen to keep them healthy and look whiter. Contact lenses with more breathability are designed to help reach the highest level of oxygen to your eyes that they need.

BETTER HYDRATION: We all need moisture in our eyes. Our bodies naturally create tears to keep our eyes hydrated and avoid becoming dry and irritated. Since contact lenses touch the eye, they affect our eyes’ hydration. Contact lenses with better hydration are made from special materials and technology that help maintain comfort throughout the day.

FREEDOM & FLEXIBILITY: wear contact lenses and you’ll be amazed at by the freedom & flexibility they add to your life & lifestyle. All of our contact lenses can give you freedom of clear & all-round vision in all your activities. In addition, you’ll also enjoy good eye health and comfort. Follow the instructions and advice from our experts and enjoy a comfortable wearing experience that fits your lifestyle and daily routines.


Available for astigmatism Available for presbyopia
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Why people choose iWear Oxygen reusable lenses:

  • Long lasting extra comfort.
  • Fresh pair every month.
  • iWear Oxygen stays hydrated with minimized deposits.
  • High breathability thank to higher levels of oxygen transfer through the lens.
  • Crisp and clear vision during indoor and outdoor activities (especially in the evening).

Altogether, these features make iWear Oxygen the perfect contacts for those who seek reusable contact lenses which can be worn during the whole day.

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